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For the last 14 months Arbrook Park Apartments have been charging us a $40.00 Washer & Dryer fee yet we have our own washer and dryer. We only realized this as we have had a table and four chairs on our balcony ever since we moved in and the management after over 2 years of us being tenants decided they were going to charge us $173.00 for having "unauthorized items on our balcony".

Due to a credit on the account we ended up owing them $38.00 that the management promptly sent us a notice of non payment demanding pay no later than 26 April 2014 or I might face the possibility of my family of four being locked out of the Apartment and eviction filed for the month of may. The Apartment Complex furnished me with a copy of my resident ledger. Upon reviewing is when I realized that as a matter of fact the Apartment Complex owes me money for charges for a "washer and dryer" that we had ceased using ages ago and even had the management come and take them from the apartment. We went ahead and noticed the apartment complex of this discrepancy and insisted we receive a full refund in a check/money order no later than Monday 28 April 2014.

The apartment now in the wrong decided they want to credit my account with the amount instead of refunding it as we had demanded.

I was facing a possibility of eviction for a meager $38.00 that had to be in check/money order no later than 26 April 2014, is it too much for me to get money that I was wrongfully charged for in the form of my choice and at a date that I select instead of Ms Maley, Patricia telling us that she is trying to "help us" and if we want a check or money order it might take up to two weeks. Also, who knows how many other tenants ae being charged bogus fees and are not even aware of it.

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